29 Oct

With Christmas round the corner, it is time to start planning how you and your loved one want to celebrate the year end holiday. For those planning to spend with your beloved partner, I have some interesting ways couples can spend the special day together. Don’t forget also to buy gifts to exchange with each other. Hope this post will be useful and give you some idea on how to start the planning!  Make sure you also have a list of Xmas presents you plan to give each other.

Have a movie marathon

With the year coming to an end, maybe we can finally relax a bit and say goodbye to 2020. Especially this year when there have been so much unfortunate events happening, namely Covid19 which has certainly taken a toll on many people lives. Most people rarely visited the cinema this year due to the pandemic. So why not have a movie marathon with your partner at home via movie streaming services! Start coming out with a list of movies you want to catch up. Prepare some easy to prepare snacks like biscotti and healthy nuts to go with your fruit juices! Have different genres of movie.

Decorate the home

Even though many people have spent their time indoors this year, decorating a home for Christmas certainly was not on most people’s mind. So now is the time to decorate the place with your partner. Decorating home can create nice memories as you come out with a different look for the home. You can choose many ways for decorating your house on a Christmas day. Look through design websites for good ideas on how you want the theme of the holidays to be.

Shop together For Gifts And Xmas Items

Going outside with your partner and shop for Christmas goodies and decorations will be a good activity. This year may be more restrictive due to many malls that are not operating at full capacity. With this in mind, consider the alternative and shop at your favorite ecommerce store. Check out good coupon deals and discounts for a good saving.

If shopping outside is not an issue, dress up and get ready to buy gifts for each other and make this holidays a great one to end the year. Find out more here for Christmas gifts for couples.

Christmas couple dance 

On a Christmas day, surprise your partner by requesting for a solo dance. A romantic dance with your partner keeps love as new as the first day. Spread the spirit of love and enjoy a fun and romantic experience. If he or she does not enjoy dancing, then play the cheerful classic Christmas songs to liven up the mood and engage in a lighthearted dance instead.  

In a nutshell, Christmas is a great way for couples to spend quality time together. Take a break from the hectic schedule and come out with interesting and fun activities for a great holiday.

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